About us

More than a hotel, this is a place full of life

Hotel Glacier combines over 150 years of Swiss heritage, the history of the lower glacier of Grindelwald, and contemporary sustainable designs. Indulge in the newly remodeled comfort of our boutique hotel here in Grindelwald, and start your outdoor adventure with stunning views of the Eiger North Face just outside your window.

Our boutique hotel maintains a rare balance between the comfortable feel of a home and the services of a 4-star hotel. We are a home away from home with an unmistakable mountain ambiance and the hospitality of a remarkably committed team.

The name Hotel Glacier is linked to the glacier that used to flow to the hotel and has retreated out of sight nowadays. Sustainability is a core value and we try to minimize our environmental impact. 

More about us

Our social responsibility –  creating shared value

We are committed to protecting the environment and landscape around us, monitoring the impact of our business and promoting awareness about sustainability among our stakeholders.


Level III – leading

Level III is designed for companies that already have a comprehensive, recognized sustainability certification. Consideration is given to certifications that cover all dimensions of sustainability and are regularly externally audited.


Ibex fairstay sustainability certificate

The Hotel Glacier was awarded the highest level with Platinum by Ibex Fairstay.
The holistic support includes the five dimensions of management, ecology, regionality, social issues and finances. With the help of a catalogue of measures as well as supported calculations and analyses, practical possibilities for improvement are shown.

Towards the environment

Water: Tap water is fine to drink in Switzerland. We minimize the use of bottled water in our rooms and restaurant.

Heat exchange & wood heating: We are supplied by “Holzwärme Grindelwald”, a district wood heating plant that uses waste wood from sawmills and construction sites. We also use a heat exchange system to minimize our energy needs.

Waste & packaging: Wherever possible, we avoid plastic waste in all areas, including toiletries, food services, etc. We also separate our disposables – paper, glass, plastic, metal, biodegradable, cardboard, etc.

Beds: We use the most comfortable beds made exclusively of natural fibres stacked in several layers (cotton, coconut fiber, natural rubber, seaweed, wood, lavender, etc.)

Solar system: In 2022, the roof was equipped with a PVA (photovoltaic system). We generate about 92kW/h of energy for the house.

Electricity: we cannot produce it ourselves, so we get it from the local hydroelectric power plant in Burglauenen. We have a 100% sustainable electricity mix from sun and water.

Accessories in the room: Everything is available, but on request to avoid unnecessary waste. Many packages are only opened out of curiosity and not used.

Core renovation: The Hotel Glacier was thoroughly renovated in 2018. All building services and insulation were brought up to date.

Towards our guests

We strive to offer our guests a personalized hotel and restaurant experience on every level with the excellence of our service.

GLACIER – Fine Dining by Paul Cabayé is reviewed by Guide Michelin

Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best is our highest honor. The award takes into account the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings and ranks the very best. Award winners are among the top 1% of listings on Tripadvisor.

Best Hotels of Switzerland by Falstaff with 94/100 points

Towards our suppliers & partners

Sourcing local produce is not just for effect, it is our passion. We strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit. We use regional, and seasonal food and locally source the ingredients used in our restaurant.

Our wine menu won the Vinum with “best swiss wine list” award. Offering over 100 Swiss wines and many by the glass.

Swiss Wine List Award 2021
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Towards our employees

We strive to provide year-round jobs for all our staff. The quality of our hospitality would mean little without our team’s dedication. We value our employees’ initiatives and nurture a culture of recognition in a flat structure, which enables us to move forward together as one cohesive team.

At the Glacier Hotel, our employees are supported to develop their skills take part in awards and further education programs.

At the Marmite Youngster 2022 awards Tine Berger won the category pastry chef, Lukas Heuser reached the finals, and former trainee Basil Schneider meanwhile head sommelier at Skins Restaurant took 2nd place. Congratulations to all participants!