First Mountain Cart

The mountain cart is a thrill between Schreckfeld and Bort. Going fast and sliding through the corners or slowly and enjoying the spectacular views of the Wetterhorn and Eiger is up to you.

Ski & Snowboard

Two valleys, three mountain ranges and around 206 kilometres of perfectly prepared pistes. In the Jungfrau ski region snow fans can enjoy activities of all types and be in their element.

Indoor Bouldering

Bouldering is climbing without a rope or belt on boulders or cliffs, or on artificial climbing walls at a height that one can jump down or fall onto a crash pad. Bouldering started as a type of training and has become a recognised sport in the last few years.

Altitude Ski & Snowboard School Grindelwald

Altitude Ski and Snowboard School started the Grindelwald and Wengen operations in 2008. The internationally qualified team is able to offer ski & snowboard lessons in a variety of languages, including but not limited to, English, Swiss German, German and French. The team is made up of qualified and experienced instructors who all understand and appreciate the need for a quality service to be delivered. In addition, some of the instructors are specialists in teaching: children, nervous clients, people with disabilities, VIP’s, corporate groups and team building.

Glacier Canyon

The Glacier Canyon in Grindelwald is a unique sensory walk through exposed rock galleries and tunnels. One of the highlights of this attraction is the 170 m2 SPIDERWEB which spans the canyon.

Trottibike Scooter

You stand upright on a wide footboard and roll along pleasantly even on bumpy surfaces, thanks to the suspension fork and large tyre with tread. Need some speed? The Trottibike is awaits you.