First Cliff Walk

On the lookout platform near the terrace at the Bergrestaurant, you can imagine how this must feel – including the thrill: The terrace rises 45 metres out into the void. In order to reach it, visitors must first climb to dizzying heights on the west side of the First summit. The Boutique Hotel Glacier is located 1 km away from the cable car station to First Cliff Walk.

First Glider

Flying with a bird of prey can be exhilarating. Especially when an eagle called First Glider takes flight. His four “passengers” float through the mountain landscape and enjoy a panoramic view at high speeds.

First Flyer

Air, nothing but air – above, below, to the right and left: Being on the First Flieger is easy, freedom is limitless and the pace is high. Perfectly secured in the stable harness, up to four persons whiz along the 800 metre long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld at a top speed of 84 kilometres per hour. In some places, they hover approximately 50 metres above the alpine meadows. Fully airborne.
Necessary body weight: 35 to 125 kg

Pfingstegg Fly Line

Would you like to unwind and enjoy the moment? Then it’s time for a ride with our Fly Line. Enjoy a 2,5 minute flight over 350 meters in distance in breathtaking alpine scenery. The starting and ending point is just below the Pfingstegg gondola mountain station. Thanks to a specially developed lift system, this is the only Fly Line worldwide where you are being brought back to the starting point without having to walk, so you can just enjoy the experience.


When it comes to hiking in the Jungfrau region, you can’t go wrong. Wherever nature lovers turn, they will find perfectly signposted routes: to summits or mountain lakes, into valleys or along streams. Lots of trails right from Boutique Hotel Glacier!

First Mountain Cart

The mountain cart is a thrill between Schreckfeld and Bort. Going fast and sliding through the corners or slowly and enjoying the spectacular views of the Wetterhorn and Eiger is up to you.