Indoor Bouldering

Bouldering is climbing without a rope or belt on boulders or cliffs, or on artificial climbing walls at a height that one can jump down or fall onto a crash pad. Bouldering started as a type of training and has become a recognised sport in the last few years.

Glacier Canyon

The Glacier Canyon in Grindelwald is a unique sensory walk through exposed rock galleries and tunnels. One of the highlights of this attraction is the 170 m2 SPIDERWEB which spans the canyon.

Indoor Curling Hall

Curling is an attractive and exciting sport that young and old can take part in and enjoy. The game develops both the body and the mind, through movement, concentration and observation that is necessary during the game. As well as fitness, ability, and skill; fairness and team spirit are also required

Trümmelbach Falls

With its ten glacial waterfalls inside the mountain, made accessible by tunnel lift, the Trümmelbach waterfalls are truly unique in Europe. Trümmelbach alone drains the enormous glacial walls of the Eiger (3970m), Mönch (4099m) and Jungfrau (4158m) with up to a spectacular 20,000 litres of water per second.

Boat Tour

Two lakes – endless experiences – Whether it’s a trip as a couple, on your own or with family or friends: there is lots of unique offers ready and waiting for unforgettable moments on Lakes Thun and Brienz.

Indoor Mini Golf

The Omega is the first 3D-blacklightminigolfplace in the Bernese Alps. 17 unique courses surrounded by neon street art inspired by the landscapes and animals of the mountains are awaiting you. For the creative ones there is the possibility to paint yourself with professional neonbodypaint that appears to be 3D as well before you play. Before, during and after the game there is the possibility to have drinks inside the course or in the cozy lounge. on weekends you might bump into parties in the evening and night hours. Everything is wheelchair accessible and there is a special entrance for wheelchairs.