About us

Our social responsibility –  creating shared value

We are committed to protecting the environment and landscape around us, monitoring the impact of our business and promoting awareness about sustainability among our stakeholders.

Towards our guests
We strive to offer our guests a personalised hotel and restaurant experience on every level with the excellence of our service.

Towards society
We actively seek to promote sustainable development in our community, while simultaneously respecting and promoting Swiss culture, traditions and values.

Towards the environment
Sustainability is our motto. We believe that our name and heritage means we should protect our glaciers and planet:

Water: Tap water is fine to drink in Switzerland. We minimize the use of bottled water in our rooms and restaurant.

Heat exchange & wood heating: We are supplied by “Holzwärme Grindelwald”, a district wood heating plant that uses waste wood from sawmills and construction sites. We also use a heat exchange system to minimize our energy needs.

Waste & packaging: Wherever possible, we avoid plastic waste in all areas, including toiletries, food services, etc. We also separate our disposables – paper, glass, plastic, metal, biodegradable, cardboard, etc.

Beds: We use the most comfortable beds made exclusively of natural fibres stacked in several layers (cotton, coconut fiber, natural rubber, seaweed, wood, lavender, etc.).

Towards our suppliers & partners
Sourcing local produce is not just for effect, it is our passion. We strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and mutual benefit. We use regional, seasonal food and locally source the ingredients used in our restaurant.

Towards our employees
We strive to provide year-round jobs for all our staff. The quality of our hospitality would mean little without our team’s dedication. We value our employees’ initiatives and nurture a culture of recognition in a flat structure, which enables us to move forward together as one cohesive team.

Our Team


Sports is in my veins and my heart beats for good, healthy food. If you need to find me, I’ll most likely be in the kitchen. Try me on any topic, and I’m sure we’ll find engaging things to talk about.


I am a morning person with lots of energy. I can’t emphasise enough how much in love I am with this region. Just ask me!


Let me surprise you, you’ll love it.
I work with passion and my dishes are travel-inspired, check it out on Instagram


I am your friendly canine host, though I won’t show up unless you ask for me. I am an avid licker and unstoppable frisbee player. I am also a multi-tasker and know all the trails around. My main goal is to make sure everyone is happy and at peace.
My Instagram woof!


It’s a great pleasure for me to live in this beautiful and powerful region.
I’m an active person with a fond knowledge about healthy living.


I came for the mountains and the lifestyle they offer.



Lots of nature, serenity and a happy family. Quality of life that also translates into my passion for cooking.







 I am a service minded person. I have been working as a wellness and massage therapist for over 10 years. I am a nature lover. Mountains, forests and rivers are always my first choice of destination.